• Erika KOVÁCS:
    Regulatory Techniques for 'Virtual Workers'

    This article focuses on the regulatory options as regards the legal status of on-demand workers and crowdworkers. It specifies the various possible regulatory mechanisms for persons providing service in the sharing economy and raises the question as to which regulation can provide the most beneficial legal environment for them. The key challenge addressed in this article is identifying the appropriate form of regulation that guarantees the protection of virtual workers in the new forms of work without unnecessarily regulating and thus hindering work performance in the sharing economy.

    The Scope of Labour Law Protecton in Slovenia or who are Employers Obliged to Grant the Labour Law Protection to

    Companies and other entities and individuals, who wish to engage in a certain activity, need the capital as well as people, who will carry out the work for them. The most common way of providing work is a conclusion of a contract of employment with selected candidates.

    Domestic Workers' Working Hours in Turkey
    In light of ILO Convention No. 189

    Domestic work is one of the world's oldest working areas, which has traditionally been assigned to women in the vast majority of societies. Domestic work entails tasks, such as cleaning the house, cooking, washing and ironing clothes, taking care of children, elderly or sick members of a family, gardening, guarding the house, and driving for the family.

  • Carol Daugherty RASNIC:
    Is affirmative action fair or inherently unfair?
    A look at the American version and some comparisons with other countries

    The bold entrance inscription on the United States Supreme Court building reads "Equal justice for all." Governmental efforts - albeit concededly beneficently intended – to remedy past discrimination or to achieve the illusive "diversity" by affirmative action seemingly contradict this equality of justice notion.


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